TWESA Membership Requirements

    A TWESA Member in good standing is…

    1. Wedding/Events Industry Related: Members businesses support and/or promote the wedding/event planning industry in Middle Tennessee.

    2. Experienced: Members are required to have been in operation for at least twelve (12) months at the time of application or have accumulated at least two (2) years of previous experience in the same field within the previous five years.

    3. Professionally Licensed: Members are required to have a business license, insurance or other documentation legally required for their profession.

    4. Properly Insured: Members are asked to maintain appropriate liability insurance for their company for the specific services they offer.

    5. Recommended by Others: TWESA Members must submit recent references from both industry colleagues and clients at time of membership and renewal.

    6. Participates: Members are required to attend at least two (2) membership meetings or other TWESA sponsored events per year.

    7. Maintains Current Dues: Members are required to make timely payment at time of application or renewal.  We allow members a ninety (90) day grace period, after which a membership is discontinued and one may petition for re-application from the TWESA Board of Directors

     Membership Classes

    Please note all new members are responsible for a one-time application fee of $75.

    Class 1: Standard Membership, $310 annually
    Our basic membership belonging to a single person or organization.   Standard memberships are transferable and include one (1) vote, attendance for one (1) person to all monthly meeting, and a listing in our membership directory. Standard Memberships may add up to two (2) upgrades listed below as Class 1a or 1b.  After two (2) upgrades are met, a second Standard Membership must be purchased.

    Class 1a: Associate Upgrade, $75 annually

    Allows a Standard Member to add one (1) additional company representation and includes attendance to monthly meetings.  Associate Upgrades are an add-on to the Standard Membership and cannot exist independently.  They are TRANSFERRABLE but have NO voting rights.  This is ideal for larger companies that would like to have multiple representatives participate in TWESA.

     Class 1b: Company Upgrade, $175 annually

    Allows a Standard Member to add one (1) additional company within their ownership with one (1) representative. It is transferable and includes one (1) vote, attendance for one (1) person to all monthly meetings, and a listing in our membership directory.  Both Companies must service the event or wedding industry and upgrades are an add-on to the Standard Membership – they cannot exist independently.  This is ideal for members that have multiple companies that they would like to represent at TWESA.

    Class 2: Provisional or Student Membership(limited to one year), $175 
    A temporary membership available to those individuals or business that have not been in business in the wedding or event industry for at least one (1) year but wish to network with other industry professionals.  This is also a great opportunity for students looking to connect with professionals in their field of study.  Includes attendance to monthly meetings and we ask that provisional or student members have a sponsor from a current TWESA member in good standing.

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